Measuring pH Level of Pickles

Q.Measuring pH Level of Pickles

Measuring pH of pickles is essential because its shelf life becomes longer by decreasing pH level during manufacturing process.


Q.What is the proper pH level of pickles?

The common method of manufacturing fermented pickles starts with pickling vegetables in pickling bed which contains salt. Then, lactic acid is formed by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria in the moisture coming out from vegetables. This formation of lactic acid decreases pH level, which prevents microorganisms to grow, and pickles with long shelf life are ready. The recommended pH level of pickles is lower than pH4 (if 4% or more salt is contained), or, lower than pH4.6 (if less than 4% salt is contained).


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What other meters are used for pickles?

-Brix x Salt Hybrid Meter
As I mentioned in the above, salt is essential for the manufacture of pickles. ATAGO’s PAL-BX|SALT series is the hybrid model which measures both Brix and Salt% in just one device. Especially, PAL-BX|SALT+5 doesn’t require dilution to measure salt% by creating user scale. Measurement data can be transferred to phone/PC through NFC function.

PAL-BX|SALT series