Measuring pH Level of Seasonings

Q.Why measure pH level of seasonings?

Measuring pH level of seasonings is quite important because it is a useful parameter when checking quality and benefit of seasonings.
Each type of seasoning have determined pH levels, and if it’s off of the normal range, there are possibilities of less taste, less benefits, and potential food poisoning danger.

Q.What kinds of seasonings have defined pH levels?



The pH level of vinegar is defined as from the second half of 2 to around 3.
By keeping the low pH level, vinegar can achieve high level of storage stability. It also increases human appetite, salivation, and plays an important role of emphasizing the taste of sweetness and salinity of food.

Standard pH 2~3
PAL-pH pH 2.62

Soy sauce

Soy sauce

Soy sauces should have pH level around 5.
A food with pH level around 6 is what humans think is the best. By having pH level close to 6, soy sauce has an ability to lower the pH level of alkaline food, and makes it even more delicious.

Standard pH 5.0
PAL-pH pH 4.51

Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Normal pH level of Worcestershire sauce is around 3.8.
Apart from soy sauce, some types of sauce have higher value but it should not be higher than 4.4. Sauce with pH level higher than 4.4 has higher risk of food poisoning due to Clostridium botulinum which sometimes becomes the cause of Botulism.

Standard pH 3.8
PAL-pH pH 3.40



The pH level of mayonnaise should be less than 4.
Mayonnaise at the supermarket is usually disinfected, and pH level is controlled before bottled. However, you should be careful for hand-made mayonnaise. When making hand-made mayonnaise, don’t forget disinfection and pH control, otherwise it becomes the home for Salumonella.

Standard pH 4.0
PAL-pH pH 3.84


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

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pH series

Q.What other instruments are recommended for seasonings?

Not only pH, but concentration and salt content management are essential testing parameters. With the proper concentration and proper salt content, the best flavor is achieved. PAL-BX|SALT series measure both brix% and salt% in just one device. Unlike the traditional titration method, it doesn’t use glass beakers or reagents. It fits in just one hand and you can bring it anywhere you want!

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