Pocket Refractometer PAL Series
Pocket Refractometer PAL Series



Opened first as a specialty home roasted coffee store in 1987, then as a coffee shop.
High quality coffee is offered with the goal of “helping with each person's relaxed space.”
The process is cherished from production down to each cup, with ATAGO's PAL™-COFFEE playing an active role in quality control and helping serve delicious coffee. “We want everyone to connect through coffee!” With that warm feeling, TAKADA COFFEE's coffee inspires getting a coffee with that special someone.


In regards to peaches, the most famous areas are Yamanashi, Fukushima, and Nagano prefectures. But in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture, peaches have been certified as "the peaches with the highest sugar content in the world" by the Guinness World Record, and attracts a lot of attention.
They are peaches from a variety called "Masahime", cultivated at Maruya Farm in Kanechika-cho, Kishiwada City.
The average Brix% per peach at the time of the Guinness certification was 22.2%! The Brix% of a typical peach is from 10-12%, meaning Maruya Farm's peaches are almost double! Maruya Farm has been using ATAGO's handheld refractometer N-1 for a long time.
ATAGO is very proud to be a part of Maruya Farm's maintaining of their high quality peaches.


From inspiration gathered from journeying around the world, Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd. Product Development is using those ideas for the "Our Kitchen" line.
First, it starts by selecting high quality materials from all over the world. Test products are made by hand from a combination of ingredients for different tastes and aromas.
Then, in order to utilize the goodness of handmade products created from "Our Kitchen" for mass production, further trial and error tests are carried out at the Production Development Laboratory in Yokohama.
Among those tests, ATAGO's refractometer is being used. Thank you for using ATAGO's refractometer behind the scenes!

Measure almost everything with one unit!

What is ATAGO's PAL-1?

It has a wide measurement range of 0.0 - 53.0% Brix to cover most samples, such as fruit juices, beverages, soups, sauces, seasonings, and various industrial liquids!


What is Brix?
Brix is the concentration based on how many grams of sugar are contained in 100 grams of vegetable or fruit juice. The unit is expressed as a percentage (%).

No. 1 in Results, Reliability, and Satisfaction
No. 1 in Results, Reliability, and Satisfaction
No. 1 in Results, Reliability, and Satisfaction
Multi-Purpose and Palm Sized
Multi-Purpose and Palm Sized

Versatility in One Model
Can be used for various samples ranging from fruit juices to industrial liquids.

Compact and Portable
Only 100g, its palm-size means it can be carried anywhere!

Hygienic and Prevents Sample Spillage
Impeccable design to prevent spilling of that sample and is easy to wipe clean. Rinsing under water is okay too!

ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Includes a function that automatically corrects the measured value according to the temperature.

Measurement Method
Convenient As…
Let's measure fruits and veggies with PAL-1!
Let's measure fruits and veggies with PAL-1!

This sugar concentration is a general standard value for vegetables and fruits. To compare between various fruits, measure the same part on each, and if you want to see the average sugar concentration, collect the juice from the upper/lower, or outer/ inner parts and measure. The sugar content of vegetables and fruits varies depending on which part is measured.

Popular PAL Series Models

Innovative and Easy-to-Use Egonomic Design

For ergonomics, ATAGO pursued designing a refractometer that was easy to use and intuitive. First, there was success in evolving from the conventional long-shape optics to a handheld refactometer with a well-balanced shape. The previous elongated shape was unstable and difficult to place the sample on. The PAL was designed specifically to be easy to hold, and won the Good Design Award for "ease of use".
Not only was ease of use important, but thoughts also turned to hygienics. By not adopting the usual grip-style, the PAL's design reduces the amount of grooves that become hotbeds for the breeding of dangerous germs. Since it still has some grooves where the hand must grip the instrument, but to counteract this, ATAGO made the PAL Series resistant to rinsing with water.
On top of all that, ATAGO equipped the PAL with the new technology ELI (Extrenal Light Interference Prefention) so that it is safe to use outdoors. Mainstream digital handheld refractometers carry the risk that measurements taken outside or near windows may be inaccurate due to light interference. During development of the PAL Series, ATAGO's development of the ELI feature reflects all of the comments received from refractometer users in the field.


PAL-pH Cat.No.4311

Equipped with a durable electrode and uses a small amount of sample for measurment.

In conventional pH meters the glass electrode has a protrusion-like shape and is easily broken, requiring delicate handling.The PAL-pH was developed with a durable glass electrode that can withstand heavy loads. In various fields as well as food production sites, the risk of contamination and injury can be reduced and it can be used daily without hesitation. Also, the electrode is dry-storage and does not require a liquid storage solution.

Measurement Range pH0.00~14.00
Resolution pH0.01
Measurement Accuracy pH±0.10
Calibration Solutions (pH4.01,6.86,9.18)
Temperature Compensation 10-40℃
Sample Volume 0.6mL
Power Supply Size AAA alkaline battery × 2
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