With only 2 buttons
An intuitive refractometer
anyone can use!

Cutting Oil Refractometer

ポケット切削油濃度計 PAL-101S
潤滑油営業マンのキャリーケースFluid Test Kit MJ

With only 2 buttons
An intuitive refractometer
anyone can use!

Cutting Oil Refractometer

潤滑油営業マンのキャリーケースFluid Test Kit MJ Purchase here
ポケット切削油濃度計 PAL-101S

Concentration management is essential for cutting oil.
ATAGO provides an easy way to control the concentration.

Timing of oil replacement/refill is clear, and is cost saving by reducing waste.
Avoid equipment troubles beforehand by using cutting oil at the proper concentration. This leads to a longer lifespan of the equipment.
Avoid the hassle and human errors of titration.
Proper concentration affects product appearance, prevents rusting, and secures product quality..
Prevent degradation and deterioration Wipes off easily with a cloth or under running water.
Easy to clean and maintain!Lässt sich leicht mit einem Tuch oder unter fließendem Wasser abwischen.
Durable, robust prism!
Ensure employee safety and security with correct concentration control.

Schneidöl Daily Management Q&A

Your questions answered!

Cutting Oil Daily Management    Q & A

Schneidöl Daily Management Q&A

Your questions answered!

Cutting Oil Daily Managemen

What should I do for daily management of cutting oil?

Controlling concentration is regarded as the most important.
It is necessary to maintain the proper concentration because the liquid`s concentration changes over time.

How do I manage the concentration?

Refractometers are most commonly used.

The machine and tools often rust. What should I do?

Cutting oil concentration might be too low. Please measure the liquid and adjust to the proper concentration.

Workers often have issues with dermatitus after being in coming into contact with the cutting oil.

Cutting oil concentration might be too high. Please measure the liquid and adjust to the proper concentration.

The cutting oil has a foul odor.

The oil might be degraded. Please make sure it is at the proper concentration.

I have to replace the liquid too often because it easily degrades.

Maintaining the proper concentration often helps extend the life of the cutting oil.

I am having trouble with foaming.

First check that the concentration is at the right level.
There are water-soluble cutting oils with excellent foam suppression characteristics as well.

I'm worried that bacteria growth, especially in the rainy season and summer, might affect the health of the workers.

In order to suppress the growth of bacteria, it is essential to maintain the proper pH and concentration of the cutting oil.

Our consumption of cutting oil has increased since the person in charge of concentration control changed. What should I do?

You can reduce cutting oil cost by monitoring the concentration with an objective, numerical value ( by refractometer) instead of relying on an operator`s experience and intuition.

Experienced workers were eye-balling dilutions, but recently the number of experience workers has plummeted, causing some issues.

Even a new, inexperienced worker can monitor the concentrataion easily with a refractometer and avoid problems!

User Testimonials

Refractometers Used Across Various Industries



Used for the maunfacture of the steering knuckles in a car suspension.

Since the hole of the steering knuckle is where the drive shaft passes through, if the machined surface is flawed, it directly effects the performance, so high accuracy is required. Since the material is aluminum, to avoid risks of welding, a high Brix% concentration is maintained around 13.1 to 13.5%.



A long-established luxury watch workshop in Switzerland

Due to various traditional techniques being handed down through the ages, it is not possible to disclose exactly how and in what process the concentration is controlled. However, it`s not hard to imagine that every single part of the small body requires high precision and quality control.

Luft- und Raumfahrt


Machining Aircraft Engine Cowlings

For machining aluminum parts, the cutting oil concentration is 3 to 7%, and for difficult-to-cut materials, it is 8 to 11%, which is slightly higher.
In summer, the concentration tends to be higher due to evaporation, so cutting oil has to be diluted to a lower concentration.
On the other hand, in the winter, cutting oil is being kept slightly higher concentration. They are even keeping in mind the slight differences from weather when it comes to concentration control.

So why Choose ATAGO's PAL-102S

So Why Choose ATAGO's PAL-102S?

The body is made of materials with high resistance to amines in cutting oil.

NFC (Near Field Communication) that allows transfer data just by holding the device near a smartphone/NFC reader.

Aftercare Service

Direct From
The Manufacture

MADE in Japan

2 year Warranty

So why Choose ATAGO's PAL-102S

So Why Choose ATAGO's PAL-102S?

The body is made of materials with high resistance to amines in cutting oil.

NFC (Near Field Communication) that allows transfer data just by holding the device near a smartphone/NFC reader.

Supportive Aftercare Service

Direct From The Manufacture

MADE in Japan

2 year Warranty

Cutting Oil Concentration Management

Water-soluble cutting oil is used by diluting concentrates with water.
The management (concentration control) of these dilution ratios stabilizes the machining accuracy, maintains quality, and prevents future issues.

If the concentration is too low:

  • Innaccuracy
  • The life of the tool will be shortened due to rust and discoloration.
  • Shorter oil lifespan

If the concentration is too high:

  • Higher oil consumption = higher cost
  • Stickiness around the machine is likely
  • Workers prone to dermatitius from contact with cutting oil

Using The PAL-102S

1.For Mixing New Solution
2.During Machine Cutting
3.Oil Replenishment

1.For Mixing New Solution

In the initial mixing, a refractometer can be used to check to make sure it is diluted to the proper concentration. The proper concentration can vary depending on the type of oil used and manufacturing conditions. In genreal, the proper concentrtion for cutting oil is from about 5 to 10%.

2.During Machine Cutting

Improvement of Manufacturing Technology and Skill By Quantification:

The dilution ratio is often provided by the oil supplier/manufacturer, but users should also research what dilution ratio meets the characteristics and accuracy requirements for their process. The improvement of manufacturing technology and skills by numeralization is encouraged.

Determining of Oil Concentration According To Cutting Conditions:

It has been said that doing rough machining at low oil concentrations and finnishing at high concentrations has led to significant cost savings per month on raw materials.Material cost reductions be achieved by using a refractometer to properly manage the useage levels, but does not often occur due to relying on the intuition of the workers.

Confirm Filter Tank Function:

By measuring the concentration of the tank, septic tank, and injection port, it is possible to check the function of the filtration tank, such as the effect of mixing hydraulic oil and more.

Preventing Degradation:

Proper concentration control has the effect of slowing the progress of oil degradation, which leads to cost reduction. In addition, preventing degradation is more environmentally conscious as it decreases waste.

3.Replenishing Oil

Appropriate Replenishment:

The concentration of the solution changes over time due to the evaporation of water and accumulation on machine tools. To bring the solution back to the initial concetnration, management is done by measuring with a refractometer.
Dry, irritated skin is a concern when the concentration is too high and workers come in contact with the liquid. On the contrary, machines easily rust if the concentration is kept too low.

Easy Replenishment:

It is also possible to meausure the concentration while the water and concentrate is being mixed into the tank, though best results occur when the sample is homogeneous.

PAL-102S Part Names and Specifications

PAL-102S Part Names and Specifications

PAL-102S Cat.No.4502
Range Cuttiong oil : 0.0 to 70.0 %
Resolution Cuttiong oil : 0.1%
Temperature : 0.1%
Accuracy ±0.2%
Temperature 10 to 100C
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries
Intemational Protection Class IP65 Water resistant
Dimensions & Weight 5.5 x 3.1 x 10.9cm 100g(main unit only)
PAL-102S Part Names and Specifications

Carry Case for Lubricant Salesmen
Fluid Test Kit MJ

Easy to carry
set of PAL-102S and PAL-pH.

includes pH calibration standard solution
pH4.01, pH6.86, pH9.18
pH4.01, pH7.00, pH10.01

Using The PAL-102S

Points to note when measuring concentration with a refractometer.

Refractometer concentration measurements are possible for emulsions, solubles and chemicals. Note that milky white samples and samples containing other oils may not have stable measurements. After putting the sample on the sample stage, stir it with a plastic utensil (no metal) to get stable values.

How To Find Conversion Factors

A refractometer measures in the Brix% scale, which is based on Refractive Index. Therefore, when measured with a refractometer, the Brix% and the actual concentration of the oil is different. In daily concentration control, the Brix% can be used as is, or converted to the actual concentration. To convert the Brix% to the actual concentration, a graph can be created and the coefficient can be calculated.
For example, if 10g of concentrate and 90g of water are mixed together, a 10% solution is made. Let's say this solution measures 4% Brix on a refractometer. Then, the conversion factor will be 10.0 / 4.0 = 2.5. Therefore, the actual concentration of the diluted solution is 2.5 times the Brix % (value measured on the refractometer).


Recommended Refractometer Models

Oil Type (water-soluble)

Hanheld and Portable

Cutting Oil /Grinding Fluid
Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions
Release Agent
Release Agent: PAL-Release Agent
Wire Drawing Oil
Quenching Oil / Rolling Oil
Milky/Opaque Samples:

* The release agent model cannot measure black colored samples, only white/opaque samples.
* Please contact ATAGO for continuous measurement type, as it depends on the operating environment.



Looking ahead to the IoT era, we have developed a compact inline refractometer that can be installed anywhere. it has already been implemented by many customers, including automotive manufacturers.
It is possible to continuously measure water-soluble cutting oil, cleaning solution, mold release agent, quenching oil, etc.



  1. Attached to cutting/milling machines, it continuously monitors changes in the concentration (Brix) of water-soluble cutting oil and other samples in real time.
  2. Compact and Easy Installation. Easy to set up unit that begins measurements as soon as it is powered on. With a durable sapphire prism, it is safe even from things like flowing metal powder.
  3. Choose from recorder output (4-20mA) or serial output (RS-232C) for data output. Temperature control is also possible with the serail output (RS-232C).
  4. Known as a "Smart Manufacturing Tool" for small, medium, and large-sized manufacturers.

PAL-pH Cat.No.4321

Equipped with a flat, durable electrode, safe and secure
droplet type pH meter that needs only a small amount of sample.

Conventional pH meters easily break due to the shape of glass electrodes. If they break, additional work and thouroug cleaning is needed. PAL-pH's glass electrode has been successfully developed to withstand heavy loadsHigh durability means it reduces the risk of contamination, can be used without hesitation, and doesn't even need to be stored in a solution. This model is recommended for those who use cutting oil containing amines.

Range pH0.00~14.00
Resolution pH0.01
Accuracy pH±0.10
Calibration Calibration(pH4.01,6.86,9.18)
Temperature compensation 10~40℃
Sample Volume 0.6mL
Power Supply Size AAA alkaline battery × 2
PAL-102SClick Here to Detail
PAL-102SClick Here to Detail