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QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

AWe are using Rx-7000i for over 7 years now. It gives us consistent results and we are very happy with the performance of this machine. It hardly breaks down ever.
We are using RX-7000i to also cross check with our suppliers. With such a high accuracy, we can always count on the supplier quality and maintain our internal QA standards.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AOur AMC is timely serviced, and ATAGO INDIA always helps us out in case of any problem.

Perfume Perfunova International





QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

AWe really like Rx-7000i’s cleaning ease. Due to multiple samples, we often clean a lot. The shape of the prism helps us clean easily.
Typically fragrances are very expensive, so we use a very little quantity to check on this model.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AWe have taken AMC as well from ATAGO, and are delighted with their service.



NOVA ORGANICA manufactures hydrolyzed collagen for supplements and cosmetics.
To make sure the final products are the best quality, they measure protein solution with MASTER-80H.
MASTER-80H measures hot sample accurately and quickly from 30-60%.
With its ability to measure any hot samples, it helps them to conduct efficient quality assessment.



DJM GRANDEUR CORPORATION is a manufacturer of Cosmetic, Drug- Home Remedy and Food Supplement products since 2008.
We have initially purchased 3 units of PAL-pH meter because we find that the conventional models were costly and prone to breakage especially during routine quality assurance testing.
We were interested with it because of the "unbreakable" electrode and ease of use and maintenance.
After buying the first 3 units, we bought an additional 8 units for our laboratory since we are very satisfied with the convenience and peace of mind that the first units brought us.
We highly recommend the use of this product for its practicality

Cosmetics Sonbahyu Co., Ltd.(Yakushido Group Co., Ltd.)


In areas where there are many connections with horse oil, it has long been said that horse oil is the best for burns and injuries. Located in Kyuushu, Sonbahyu Co. Ltd, part of Yakushido Group, has been selling "horse oil" since its establishment in 1971, after creating an odour removal oil refining process that is unique to horse oil. It was approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as an ingredient (raw material) for cosmetics for the first time in Japan in 1988.

In the cosmetics field

Sonbayu Co., Ltd., which handles the cosmetics field, has products for various purposes such as skin care products, shampoos, and lip balms, but actually use Atago's PAL-pH for quality control of foam soap!

Assessment from a refractometer user

Since the ATAGO refractometer was used up until now, they purchased the PAL-pH because it has the same usability. Also, since the soap can be applied directly to the sample stage as is and washed off, they do not have to divide the soap into separate beakers and dip an electrode in anymore. For this, the PAL-pH is considered easy to use and is highly regarded.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

Perfume & Fragrance CYAN LABS


Cyan Labs is a chemical plant with 50 years of experience in design, development, production and distribution of chemical products for the cleaning, maintenance and disinfection industries.
They are using the NAR-1T SOLID to measure perfume solution during raw material inspection around 1.4 RI.
The NAR-1T is a traditional, reliable refractometer that measures in both the Refractive Index and Brix scale for liquid and solid samples.

Perfume & FragranceHoritech Co., Ltd.Horitech Co., Ltd.

OEM cosmetic products

OEM cosmetic products

Horitech is a company that manufactures small batch OEM cosmetic products such as shampoos and facial lotions. The quality of the product is assessed using VISCO™ to test how easily products come out of a container and how well it spreads on hands. The shampoos made by Horitech are popular with many repeat customers that purchase their products looking for “the same texture” which makes viscosity measurement indispensable. Horitech had been using type B viscometer that required sample volume of 500mL. To avoid cumbersome cleaning and reduce cost,Horitech decided to purchase VISCO™,which can measure viscosity with mere sample volume of 15mL.

Horitech Co., Ltd.'s website

Perfume & FragranceDemlite Co., Ltd.

Demlite Co., Ltd.

Demlite Co., Ltd.

Demlite manages the viscosity of cosmetics and cleaning products during manufacturing process to check the rate of swelling of raw materials. For cosmetic and cleaning agents, the material viscosity increases during the manufacturing process. Each product has different optimal viscosity which makes it all the more important to know the right timing. Once a material hardens, the process becomes irreversible. To achieve the maximum production yield, the ability to measure viscosity as the products are manufactured is prerogative.Demlite chooses to use VISCO™ and embrace its portability, user friendliness and ease of taking measurement on-site.

Demlite Co., Ltd.'s website

Perfume & FragranceASTEKA ASTEKA


ASTEKA is a consulting company for supporting technical assistance in the quality control field.They serve an analysis for the Perfumes and the Essential oils.

Measuring a Perfume and an Essential oils at laboratory

Normally, Essential oils are measured for obtaining a Specific optical rotation and Refractive Index in order to distinguish its characteristic.

They have decided to use RePo-5 to measure Refractive Index and Angle of Rotation of the Perfumes and the Essential oils because of its easy and quick operation.

What did you think of our RePo-5's features and usability?

We are very satisfied with RePo-5. Its quick measurement at only 12 seconds contributed a time-saving against our analysis. Also, we like its easy operation. We can obtain the measurement result by just dropping the sample and entering simply.

We appreciate your continued support of ATAGO products.

Perfume & Fragrance Taiyo Corporation


Since their establishment in 1947, Taiyo Corporation has provided flavorings, fragrances and fermented ingredients to a wide variety of industries, such as perfume and cosmetics and food products. In addition to manufacturing flavorings and fragrances used in cosmetics, toiletries, bath products and air fresheners/deodorants, the Taiyo Corporation also manufactures flavorings, fragrances and fermented ingredients, as well as processed fruit juice, fruit (pulp), stabilizers, and other processed foods.

The Taiyo Corporation continues to provide rich flavorings and fragrances to customers worldwide, through their motto of "Safe, Reliable and High-Quality."

What kind of samples are you measuring?

There are cases where the specific rotation of a fragrance or flavoring must be determined as specifications of its physical properties.
We have used ATAGO's "POLAX-2L" for many years to measure specific rotation.

※Used as a standard for measuring and comparing the specific rotation and optical activity of a substance.

What led you to implementing the RePo-1 as part of your procedures?

The "RePo-1" does not require an observation tube--measurement results can be displayed simply by applying some sample (fragrance or flavoring). It is also compact and easy to carry. These were appealing qualities which led us to implement the RePo-1 as part of our procedures.

What do you think about the RePo-1's usability?

It is easy to take measurements; you can switch from Brix scale to Angle of Rotation by simply pushing a single button. Also, only a small amount of sample is required and above all, cleaning and washing the unit after taking measurements is easy.

2 units were purchased: 1 unit is used in their Flavorings/Fragrances Department to measure optical rotation, and the other unit is used in their Food Products Department to measure Brix.

Currently, the units are only being used at their Okayama factory, but there are plans to implement the units at their other facilities in the future.

We appreciate your continued support of ATAGO refractometers.

Perfume & FragranceInternational Flavors & Fragrances India Ltd. International Flavors & Fragrances India Ltd.(International Favours & Fragrances India Limited)


IFF is a multinational fragrance manufacturer with locations in more than 37 countries. The company headquarter is in New York. At IFF India, they develop and manufacture natural as well as synthetic flavorings and fragrances.

Essences that are added to food products are called "flavors," and what is added to cosmetics are referred to as "fragrances." For example, the freshness that you taste when you chew gum comes from added flavors.


QWhat kinds of products do you use our instruments for?

AWe measure refractive index for our flavor and fragrance samples as well as for its raw materials. Measurements are taken for more than 60 samples every day at the quality control room.

QHow user-friendly is our RX-7000α?

AThe RX-7000α takes measurements quickly, and its sample stage is easy to clean. We are very satisfied with the product.

QDoes your company use the RX-7000α at other locations as well?

ABesides Chennai, we use the RX-7000α at our factories in Jammu and Baddi. The RX-7000α has excellent performance.


We found this written near the entrance of the factory: "Nothing Attracts Customers Like Quality" It represents well how much IFF cares about the quality of their products.

Thank you very much for your time.
We appreciate your continued support of ATAGO refractometers.

Pharmaceutical Revin Labs


Which ATAGO units do you currently use

RX-7000i & SAC-i

Revin Labs


QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

ABoth RX and SAC-i models are user friendly, and do our job quite reliably. We are a pharma testing lab with high premium on reliability and accuracy, and that is why we need good equipment. ATAGO fulfilled our need.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AATAGO India engineers are very supportive and we really expect a good relationship going forward.

Pharmaceutical Farmaliquidos de Colombia S.A.S

Farmaliquidos de Colombia S.A.S

Which ATAGO units do you currently use


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The ease, speed and precision of the equipment to analyze samples.