User Testimonials [ pH Meter ]

coffee Redwood st Roasters


Redwood St. Roasters is a family owned and operated micro roastery in Edgar, WI.. Cutting edge technologies, consistent roasting, and careful bean selection all contribute toward providing customers with the perfect roast.
First a user of ATAGO's PAL-COFFEE TDS for creating new recipes, adjusting equipment, checking coffee concentration and Brix measurements, they also purchased the PAL-pH.
Now they are integrating pHmeasurements for water, cold brew coffee, and hot coffee to better understand their product and modify water profiles.



DJM GRANDEUR CORPORATION is a manufacturer of Cosmetic, Drug- Home Remedy and Food Supplement products since 2008.
We have initially purchased 3 units of PAL-pH meter because we find that the conventional models were costly and prone to breakage especially during routine quality assurance testing.
We were interested with it because of the "unbreakable" electrode and ease of use and maintenance.
After buying the first 3 units, we bought an additional 8 units for our laboratory since we are very satisfied with the convenience and peace of mind that the first units brought us.
We highly recommend the use of this product for its practicality

Beverage VIVID Co., Ltd


VIVID Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells supplements, health drinks, jelly drinks, etc., and also handles contract manufacturing.

Among those, one gathering attention in recent years is a new compact packaging form known as "Smart Pack". It is 10 to 70ml and can be displayed on store product shelves as is.

At VIVID Co., Ltd.,`s manufacturing site, the PAL-1, PAL-2, and PAL-H (high temp. model) are all used for quality control and used accordingly depending on the product`s concentration range and temperature.

In addition, as HACCP became mandatory, the analog refractometer MASTER-500 was purchased as a backup for the PAL series while reconsidering hygiene management.
In addition, PAL-pH is used to check the pH of soft drinks.

Previously, a dip style electrode pH meter from another brand was used, but the safety and ease of use of the PAL-pH`s "durable, flat, tempered glass electrode" and " 3.5 second measurement" convinced them to switch.

We look forward to your continued patronage.



Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd. is a company that appreciates the blessings of nature and the ability to utilize the power of nature, and aims to create products that contribute to people's health.

Adopting a fermentation process that is completely different from the traditional method, they have released high fermentation products to the world.

Atago's PA L-pH is used to check the degree of fermentation during the quality control of fermented beverages such as Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd.'s "Shou Enzyme".
Being a long time user of Atago`s refrctometer, after seeing the PAL-pH in a newsletter, the design of the PAL-pH seemed familiar and easy to use.

Also, the electrode glass is strong and hard to break, which is great for the production floor.
Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd.'s HP provides seasonal cooking recipes and health information, including information on the origin of raw materials and harvesting conditions so that you can enjoy Kotobuki Enzyme with peace of mind.
Please take a look.

Food Sawadaya Co., Ltd.


Sawadaya Co., Ltd.'s "Kurotama" is a famous confectionery in Yamanashi prefecture where anko balls made from high-quality peas that are wrapped in fragrant brown sugar yokan.
In addition, the jelly "Invitation Confectionery" made from the fruit of Yamanashi is also gaining popularity as a summer staple. (4 types of peach, grape, plum, and ome)

Sawadaya has already been using ATAGO's handheld refractometer for the control of boiling and sugar content during the process of making anko, but this time ATAGO`s PAL-pH was introduced for jelly. In order to produce jelly with the ideal texture, pH control in the manufacturing process is indispensable.

A dip style pH meter by another manufacturer was previously used. After looking at the PAL-pH on ATAGO's website, the deciding factor was that there was no need to insert electrodes into the product. Since we are handling food, it is hazardous to break glass, so we have also evaluated the durable electrode of PAL-pH.

Please enjoy the traditional sweets of Sawadaya, who have been around since 1884. You can also see the new product information of Sawadaya Co., Ltd. on the following social media sites.


Food Anne Charlotte Sapporo Main Store


Located in Sapporo and Tomakomai, Anne Charlotte Co., Ltd., applies their concept of "expressing basic and honest deliciousness" to their delectable sweets and decorated cakes.
A bread made with ingredients and recipes unique to confectionery shops, also called "Luxury Bread Made by Pâtissiers " (Tomakomai store only), has also become popular in recent years.

As for ingredients, Hokkaido wheat, butter, and whey (instead of water) is used.PAL-pH is used for the pH control of the whey.
While looking online for a pH meter, they came across the PAL-pH and in light of ATAGO`s brand strength and creditworthiness, purchased the unit.

Please enjoy Anne Charlotte`s inexplicably delicious and honest sweets that are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Food IBIC Foods Co. Ltd


IBICS Foods Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of various soups, stocks, and sauces, focusing on ramen sauce concentrate. Specializing in original seasonings made from local Hokkaido ingredients, IBIC Foods handles a wide range of products for both commercial and home use, and even develops recipes using its products.
Before, a benchtop pH meter was used for quality control. The PAL-pH was introduced for easy checks on the production floor since it can be held with one hand and obtains the value within a few seconds.
Since the PAL-pH`s electrode is tempered glass (withstands a load of up to 5 kg), it is hard to break. This reduces the risk of contamination and is safe to use even on the production floor.

Agriculture George Farm & Hiroka Jam


George Farm in Naganuma, Hokkaido cultivates not only berry cultivars such as honeyberry (haskap), blueberries, strawberries, and kalina, but some vegetables like broccoli, kabocha (squash), and sweet corn too.
As well as the blessings of the northern land such as Haskap, blueberries, and strawberries harvested at her husband George's farm, Hiroka makes jam using seasonal fruits such as citrus fruits, figs, and grapes sent directly from farmers all over Japan.

In the past for the quality control of jam, a pH meter common for processing plants was used. Higher accuracy and ATAGO`s high reputation for refractometers convinced them to purchase the PAL-pH.
Because they are using and ATAGO refractometer now, they can easily use the PAL-pH because it`s the same operation method. Plus, it is waterproof and the electrode is flat, so it`s really easy to clean!

Cosmetics Sonbahyu Co., Ltd.(Yakushido Group Co., Ltd.)


In areas where there are many connections with horse oil, it has long been said that horse oil is the best for burns and injuries. Located in Kyuushu, Sonbahyu Co. Ltd, part of Yakushido Group, has been selling "horse oil" since its establishment in 1971, after creating an odour removal oil refining process that is unique to horse oil. It was approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as an ingredient (raw material) for cosmetics for the first time in Japan in 1988.

In the cosmetics field

Sonbayu Co., Ltd., which handles the cosmetics field, has products for various purposes such as skin care products, shampoos, and lip balms, but actually use Atago's PAL-pH for quality control of foam soap!

Assessment from a refractometer user

Since the ATAGO refractometer was used up until now, they purchased the PAL-pH because it has the same usability. Also, since the soap can be applied directly to the sample stage as is and washed off, they do not have to divide the soap into separate beakers and dip an electrode in anymore. For this, the PAL-pH is considered easy to use and is highly regarded.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

Food Matsumoto Pickles Co., Ltd.


Matsumoto Pickles Co., Ltd. is using the PAL-pH.

Agriculture Nagusa Kobo Co., Ltd. (Lion Heart Co., Ltd.)


Nagusa Kobo Co., Ltd. grows and sells leafy vegetables by hydroponics.
The farm work is carried out by those in the program of the work support agency Lion Hart Co.

Vegetables without lye

Here, we grow leafy vegetables such as Japanese mustard spinach, leaf lettuce, garland chrysanthemum and mizuna. Since these vegetables are grown hydroponically, they have no lye and are delicious even when eaten raw.

For pH control of nutrient solution

ATAGO`s PAL-pH is being used for the quality control of nutrient solution, a very important part of hydroponics.

In the past a dip style pH meter was used, but it had to be replaced every time the internal liquid ran out. In consideration of the running cost, it was replaced with the PAL-pH because of its long lasting liquid.

These vegetables can be purchased at the Maruyoshi Center in Kagawa Prefecture and at the direct production corner of Corp Kagawa.

Atago supports the production of the delicious vegetables by Nagusa Kobo Co., Ltd.