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Sport New York Institute of Technology


The New York Institute of Technology offers degree programs in exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

The department of Exercise Science uses the PAL-10s as a teaching tool to measure the specific gravity of urine to help determine dehydration.
Pocket urine specific gravity refractometer(PAL-10s) can be used in various situations such as measuring dehydration, drug testing, and detection certain diseases.


SportAnimals・MedicalHaramaki Farms


Haramaki Farms, a racehorse ranch consulting clinic, advises racehorse breeding farms on measuring the mother`s first milk (colostrum) after foal delivery, and as a part of this, introduces the PAL™-Colostrum.

Colostrum concentration and immunoglobin amount are proportional, and a Brix of 25% and above is said to be good colostrum. In the case that colostrum is below 25%, the foal is given a high Brix % colostrum that was frozen in order to avoid catching an infection.

In order to raise a healthy foal, measuring the Brix% of colostrum is important.

Also, to predict delivery times, a pH meter is recommended to measure the pH of milk.

SportUnited States Olympic Committee


Which ATAGO units do you currently use

PEN-Urine S.G.

It is quick and easy to use. It allows me to be more efficient with my time, especially when assessing hydration samples from many athletes. It is also very travel-friendly (compact and secure case), which is necessary for us to conduct hydration testing while supporting athletes on the road, as they compete internationally. I bring my PEN refractometer with me to all training camps and competitions.

Sport The Urawa Red Diamonds


The Urawa Red Diamonds also known as the Urawa Reds, is a professional soccer team based in Saitama City of Saitama Prefecture.

Physical Conditioning

Urine specific gravity is routinely checked and when a player is exhausted and dehydrated from training or playing in a game, hydration advice is provided based on their urine specific gravity test result.

After ATAGO’s simple to use urine specific gravity meter (PAL-09S/PEN-Urine) was implemented, players became more self-aware of their body condition during training and leading up to game day.

Thank you for your continuous support.