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Textile Top Glove Sdn. Bhd. (Factory 10)


Top Glove Sdn. Bhd. Is the world's largest manufacturers in Malaysia and supplies various styles of gloves which are used in different industries from medical, food to cleaning.
To measure the components of their high quolity gloves, RX-5000α is used for measurement of acid, alkaline, CN concentration and total solid compnenets.
RX-5000α contributes to their quick and accurate measurement process.

Textile Thrace Nonwovens&Geosynthetics SA

Thrace Nonwovens&Geosynthetics SA

Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics S.A. uses PAL-1 to measure spin finish oil emulsion in their production of PP nonwoven staple fiber.
They are producing PP technical fabrics and yarns/fibers as a group company of Thrace Group, and exporting their products all over the world, in more than 80 countries.



OZAKI PLEATS is using the Digital pH Meter DPH-2.

Textile Grasim Industries Limited

Grasim Industries Limited

Which ATAGO units do you currently use

QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

AWe have been using ATAGO products for the last 8 years now. PRM is truly solving our problem of measuring sample inline and strong co-relation with the bench-top model RX-5000i We measure NMMO, and Soft finish resin used to polish fibres, and both the models show accurate and correct readings. We pass our batch based on the readings.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AATAGO INDIA has supported us fully by even giving a free DEMO Unit of Rx and PRM whenever we wanted. They really went the extra mile in making sure our plant runs uninterrupted.