Measuring pH Level of Jam

Q.Why measure pH level of jam?

Keeping the pH level of jam within recommended range is essential for the jam making process. Jam can be made when the best balance of pectin, sugar, and pH level is achieved.

Q.What is the proper pH level of jam?

When making jam, you mix fruits, sugar, and sometimes pectin (pectin is originally contained in fruits, but if it’s not enough, jam makers add more). After mixing, you cook it until it becomes standard brix%(60~65%). Then, citric acid (dissolved in water) is added in order to make the pH level to the recommended level (pH 2.8~3.2). Under these conditions, proper jelly texture can be generated. If the pH level is out of the recommended range, jam doesn’t become viscous. Furthermore, it can even affect its smell, taste, and the overall quality of jam.
In order to make delicious jam with favorable jelly texture, pH management can’t be missed.


Blueberry jam

Recommended pH level pH 2.8~3.2
PAL-pH pH 2.96

Strawberry jam

Recommended pH level pH 2.8~3.2
PAL-pH pH 2.82


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What meters are used for jam making?

As mentioned above, managing the brix level is also an essential process when making jam. The brix level of jam should be 60~65%. If you want to measure the brix% of jam, use of refractometer is recommended. Digital Pocket Refractometer PAL-2 is perfect for measuring sample with high brix%.


Q.Are there any other meters for jam making?

-Acidity meter
If you want to manage sweetness and acidity of the fruit itself, PAL-BX|ACID series is perfect for measuring both brix% and acidity%. Not like the traditional titration method, it doesn’t use glass beakers and reagents. With PAL-BX|ACID, measure the balance of sweetness and sourness easily and safely.
PAL-BX|ACID series

As jam is viscous, the viscosity also affects its texture when we eat it. To manage viscosity of jam, portable viscometer VISCO is recommended. VISCO is very useful to manage the viscosisty of jam easily and quickly with its one touch, one hand, one button style. You need only a small amount of sample (15mL or 100mL) and it doesn’t take up much space.

VISCO series