Measuring pH Level of Soft Drinks

Q.Why measure pH level of soft drinks?

Monitoring pH level at different stages is important for beverage manufacturing.


Q.What is the proper pH level of beverage?

The pH level of soft drinks ranges from 2.1 to 7.4 depending on what kind of ingredients and additives are added. Most soft drink manufactures add acid an additive to give a distinct taste and color to soft drink products. Because additives have an effect on its taste and color, manufactures should pay attention on how much additives need to be added, and manage by measuring pH. Therefore, pH management not only helps manufacture to make sure products comply with company guidelines, but also to keep consistent taste.


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What other meters are used for soft drinks?

Managing Brix level is also important for soft drink manufacturing. The amount of sugar, acid, fruit juice, etc. changes the taste of soft drinks. ATAGO PAL series are portable Brix measuring tools with wide measurement ranges and good accuracy. They also have NFC function to transfer data to a phone/PC.

PAL series

-Acidity Meter
When making fruits based soft drinks, acidity of the fruits themselves needs to be known. ATAGO’s PAL-BX|ACID series measure Brix% and Acidity% of fruits in just one device without glass beakers and reagents.

PAL-BX|ACID series