Measuring pH Level of Wine

Q.Why measure pH level of wine?

Many wine makers consider the pH level of wine an essential parameter for wine making. The pH level influences color, taste, and biological stability.


Q.What are ideal pH levels for wine?

The pH range of 3~4 is ideal for wine. By keeping the pH level of wine to this range, wine becomes more stable. Wine with higher pH level tends to oxidize easily, and also bacteria growth and bacteria fermentation happens faster than wine with lower pH level, resulting in poor brown color and less biological/chemical stability. On the other hand, wine with lower pH level has less oxidation, making an environment where bacteria doesn’t grow and ferment, achieving bright red color high and more biological /chemical stability.
Not only biological and chemical stability, pH level has an effect on the taste and smell of wine. Specifically, wine with lower pH level has a tart and crispy taste, while wine with higher pH level tends to has a more flubby and soapy taste. As many wine tasters prefer full-bodied and fruity wine, wine makers keep the pH level of their wine within 3~4.


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What other meters are used for wine?

-IR Brix Meter
Before harvesting grapes, measure all of them without cutting!
ATAGO’s PAL-HIKARi series measure fruits without cutting, and help check the quality of all the grapes on the vine.

Go to PAL HIKARi 2 (Grape)

A refractometer can be used for final brix checks of grapes before fermentation. Several wine scales are available.

(T.A.1990 scale)
(T.A.1971 scale)
(KMW or Babo scale)

-Acidity Meter
The balance of sweetness and acidity is the key.
ATAGO’s PAL-BX|ACID2 (Grape&wine) measures both the brix% and acidity% of grape and wine in just one device. Unlike the traditional titration method, PAL-BX|ACID doesn’t require glass beakers or reagents. Measure grapes and wine easier and safer.
*Brix% - grape must + before fermentation
  Acidity% - grape must + finished wine (grape&wine)