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Delice is a dairy product manufacturing industry in Tunisia. Not only dairy products, but they also manufacture soft drinks and water. They are using ATAGO`s bench top refractometer RX-5000i for product control and development in the soft drink sector.






QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

ARx-5000i is an established model in all PEPSI plants in India.
We are considering the reading on Rx as a standard across all our plants. We maintain the highest level of quality for Brix in our sample. The readings are required to be accurate in the second decimal. This is possible on the Rx-5000i. We were earlier using Rx-5000Alpha and now have started upgrading all our models to Rx-5000i.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AYes, in fact we are regularly taking AMC and service visits across multiple states. So far, ATAGO INDIA has never given us any trouble during our much needed times.

Beverage VIVID Co., Ltd


VIVID Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells supplements, health drinks, jelly drinks, etc., and also handles contract manufacturing.

Among those, one gathering attention in recent years is a new compact packaging form known as "Smart Pack". It is 10 to 70ml and can be displayed on store product shelves as is.

At VIVID Co., Ltd.,`s manufacturing site, the PAL-1, PAL-2, and PAL-H (high temp. model) are all used for quality control and used accordingly depending on the product`s concentration range and temperature.

In addition, as HACCP became mandatory, the analog refractometer MASTER-500 was purchased as a backup for the PAL series while reconsidering hygiene management.
In addition, PAL-pH is used to check the pH of soft drinks.

Previously, a dip style electrode pH meter from another brand was used, but the safety and ease of use of the PAL-pH`s "durable, flat, tempered glass electrode" and " 3.5 second measurement" convinced them to switch.

We look forward to your continued patronage.



Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd. is a company that appreciates the blessings of nature and the ability to utilize the power of nature, and aims to create products that contribute to people's health.

Adopting a fermentation process that is completely different from the traditional method, they have released high fermentation products to the world.

Atago's PA L-pH is used to check the degree of fermentation during the quality control of fermented beverages such as Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd.'s "Shou Enzyme".
Being a long time user of Atago`s refrctometer, after seeing the PAL-pH in a newsletter, the design of the PAL-pH seemed familiar and easy to use.

Also, the electrode glass is strong and hard to break, which is great for the production floor.
Kotobuki Yakusho Co., Ltd.'s HP provides seasonal cooking recipes and health information, including information on the origin of raw materials and harvesting conditions so that you can enjoy Kotobuki Enzyme with peace of mind.
Please take a look.



BUC-EE’S uses PAL-1 to measure tea and keeps the sweetness level constant.
BUC-EE’S is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations with 39 locations in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Beverage Food Doehler India Private LimitedDoehler India Private Limited





QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

AWe use this model for our Food Application lab in R&D and sampling division. We are using 2 RX-5000i which offers high accuracy and quick results at desired temperature. Our samples are flavours and food additives.
In our R&D applications, we sometimes are not able to know what the RI of the product is. That’s why we need a reliable refractometer which we can use for discovery of RI. RX-5000i provides just that. We upgraded from RX-5000 to RX-5000i.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AWe are getting prompt service for our calibration calls and AMC too.

Beverage SODAPASTA Realisations


Which ATAGO units do you currently use



Determine if people can taste the difference in flavor between regular Coca-Cola and Coke No Sugar.

M.A.R.T.A. (Multi Autonomous Robotic Tasting Artifact)

  • The participant is given only 1 glass with soda without telling which one it is.
  • After tasting it, the person must decide which soda was drank: the same glass of soda is placed into the robot (with half a full glass so that M.A.R.T.A. can also "taste" it) and press the button corresponding to the person's choice.
  • The robot analyzes the liquid with ATAGO PEN, and informs according to the button pressed if the participant guessed correctly or not.
  • In case of success, the pressed button lights green and the robot raises the arm from the selected button. In case of error, both buttons turn red and no arm is raised.
  • In either case, the robot speaks a random phrase related to the success or error.


Beverage CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.様CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.

Photograph with PAL

Photograph with PAL

Our team had the opportunity to visit CavinKare Research Center (CRC) located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, in India. CavinKare is a company that researches and manufactures various products such as hair care items, achaar (Indian pickles), and beverages.
Dr. T. Muthumani took us around their quality control lab. They currently use our PAL series as their main model. Their samples consist of mostly fruit juices, such as mango or apple, and they take measurements for both raw material and the final product.

Quality Control Lab

They had a question ready for us as soon as we arrived in the QC Lab.

Q"It seems that the readings are unstable…"

AWhen we took a look at the PAL that they were using, we saw that the prism was not completely clean. To take accurate measurements, it is very important that users keep the prism clean and undamaged. Oftentimes some residue of a sample is left on the prism, especially when multiple measurements are taken consecutively, but unless a sample is completely cleaned off, you cannot take an accurate measurement of the sample that follows.

We then asked them about their routine maintenance of the unit.

QWhat do you do for daily cleaning of the prism?

AWe clean it with water and then wipe it off.。

Water is okay as long as it is cleaned off thoroughly, but alcohol will take away any tough or oily residue, therefore we recommend alcohol.
Our staff demonstrated this by cleaning their PAL prism using alcohol, and then testing it out. We took several measurements, and they were very stable and accurate. All of their staff including Mr. Muthumani were very pleased with the result.
For samples that had a lot of pulp, we asked them filter it once, extracting out the juice. This also gave us accurate and stable measurements, proving to us that there was no problem with the unit.

Thank you for your time.
ATAGO India has an office in Chennai. If you have any more questions about our products, please feel free to contact us any time.

CavinKare web site

Beverage arle Agro Pvt. LtdParle Agro Pvt. Ltd


Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. is a beverage company who is known for, though not limited to, their mango juices. Popular juice brands Frooti and Appy are also a part of this company.
There are seven factory locations in India, and they are headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Parle Agro is a pioneer for commercial fruit beverages in India. They were the first to package juice in cartons and plastic bottles.
We visited their headquarter office and their quality control lab.

QWhat are your usages of the RX-5000α?

AWe take random samples from different branches and test them to see if they are within the Brix standard that our company has set.

QHow do you like the unit?

AIt is very user-friendly we are very satisfied with it. Readings are easy to take, and also it is easy to clean. We have nothing negative to say about the unit.

Parle Agro currently uses six ATAGO RX-5000α's.

Special thanks to Mr. Naik from the quality control department for his time and kindness to take us around the headquarter office and the lab. Thank you very much.

Parle Agro web site