Helps to improve the condition of the hair

After shampooing the hair and scalp, most of us use, rinse, conditioner, or treatment cream. Amongst these, rinse was the first to be developed to smoothen the hair by neutralizing the alkaline soap.
Conditioners were developed to improve the condition of hair and it protects hair from dirt as well as making it softer and smoother. Treatment creams are used to repair hair damage by penetrating deep into hair, caring from the inside out.
Rinses and conditioners have low viscosity as it works on the surface of hair by coating the hair surface even after washed away. Treatment creams applied and left in the hair have high viscosity to penetrate deeply into the hair while remaining on the hair surface.
The viscosity of hair care products have a very strong relation with its effect.

Viscosity of Conditioner

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Viscosity of Conditioner

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