Thicker yogurt is better for health!?

The two major reasons that yogurt is said to be good for your health is that it is high in nutrients and full of healthy bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria. There are many types of bacterium found in yogurt and the mix depends on the type or even brand of yogurt. The type of bacteria used can determine the texture and taste. For example thicker yogurts tend to include EPS, which is one of the by byproducts produced by the bacteria during the fermentation process. EPS or Exopolysaccharide is known to boost the immune system which is one of the reasons yogurt is considered to be healthy.

Viscosity of yogurt

VISCO™  measurement examples
Spindle : A2L
Sample temperature : 30℃

Viscosity of yogurt

Manufacturing Process of Yogurt

There are two ways yogurt is manufactured. It is either fermented in the package or fermented in a tank before being packaged. Yogurt that is fermented before being packaged is of a thinner, smoother, consistency and mainly used for yogurts that include fruit. As for thicker, pudding like yogurts, the fermentation process happens after being packaged.