New Products

PAL-HIKARi (Prune)(2019.11.26)

Introducing a new addition to PAL-HIKARi series for prunes. Measure Brix of tree-ripened prunes or maturity after harvest without destructing fruits.

PAL-BX|ACID16 (Cherry)(2019.11.26)

Cherry scale is added to the Brix and Acidity Meter that can measure Brix and acidity in one unit. A good Brix-acid ratio is known to be different for each cultivars. Measure Brix-acidity of cherries to maintain a strict quality management and for higher standards.

B-Type Digital Viscometer VISCO™ B (L)(2019.11.10)

A new B-type Viscometer , VISCO™ B (L) was launched. All measurement results can be transferred real-time to a personal computer with the use of MiniUSB. For production sites, a portable viscometer, VISCO™ is very convenient.

PAL-HIKARi Ripeness(2019.10.15)

PAL-HIKARi Ripeness measures and converts maturity of the fruits on a scale of 0-100% without destructing the fruits.
PAL-HIKARi Ripeness was collaboratively developed by National Agriculture and Food Research Organization and ATAGO.

VISCO Temp Controller(2019.08.20)

Introducing a lightweight and compact constant temperature device for a viscosity meter, VISCO that does not require water circulation! It is an epoch making product that can stop wasting time and labor from using a conventional circulating constant temperature bath.

Plum Tomato is Added to Pocket IR Brix Meter Series!(2019.08.20)

PAL-HIKARi 3 MIdi (cherry tomato) has been upgraded. In addition to cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes can also be measured. We hope to contribute to quality control for more customers.