Dressings & Mayonnaise

Salad dressing is a liquid sauce that is made from a mixture of vinegar, oil, salt, herbs, and spices.

Dressings & Mayonnaise

We have a variety of choices when it comes to dressings. For example, soy sauce based dressings are very popular in Japan.
Since mayonnaise is made with vinegar and oil, it is also one type of dressing. Dressing isn’t just for salad, though; it is a very useful addition to many different types of dishes. However, if you use too much, your oil and salt intake could be inadvertently high.
Recently, there are an abundance of low-sodium, and non-oil type dressings. But remember to check the label on those products. Non-oil dressings may have a high calorie count and the salt content may be more than you might expect!
Dressing brings out the natural flavor of vegetables and when used in moderation, it can provide a different flavor profile to your recipes. When used sparingly, dressing allows us to adjust healthy foods to our taste, and makes keeping a balanced diet a delightful and healthy experience.
There are set quality standards for “dressings” and “dressing-type seasonings” according to The Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). According to JAS, “mayonnaise,” is strictly described as, “Any semi-solid dressing that is made with egg yolk, or both egg yolks and egg whites, as well as the necessary raw ingredients (hydrolyzed proteins, salt, sugars, spices, seasonings, amino acids) and not using any other raw ingredients (aside from acidifiers).”
We recommend the PAL-SALT and ES-421for measuring the salt content of dressings and mayonnaise.

Measurement method

Some dressings separate when not constantly stirred. To measure these types of dressings, let the sample sit until the oil has separated from the other ingredients. Avoiding the oil, extract 10g of the other ingredients and mix with 90g of water.
Another method is to take 10g of the dressing with the oil included, then dilute it with 90g of water. Vigorously shake the sample. The oil will separate from the other substances. Take a sample from below the oil layer and measure.
For measuring mayonnaise, first, dilute 10g of mayonnaise with 90g of water (you can use boiling water), and mix well. Let the mixture settle for approximately 10 minutes. Once the mixture has separated, take a sample from below the oil layer and measure.


The Salt Content of Dressings &
Mayonnaise (Rough guide)

・Soy sauce dressing
・French dressing
・Tartar sauce