Fish processing products

Fish Paste Products

Surimi is a world renowned Japanese product made from ground fish paste. Salt is added to create a unique texture.
Surimi is made by adding salt to the ground fish paste and then it is shaped and heated for pasteurization.

Fish Paste Products

Processed fish products earn high marks for nutrition because they are high in protein. They are a better source of protein because they contain more nutrients and less fat than other meats but deliver the same amount of protein.
In addition, other surimi products such as Tsumire (minced fish balls) and Satsuma age (fried fish cake) are rich in calcium. Adding salt to the surimi creates a unique texture and produces another dimension to the flavor. Most processed foods may have a high salt content, but in processed fish products, it is quite the opposite; they have a lower salt content.
When compared to other processed foods, fish cakes contain much less salt. Frozen gyoza (dumplings) and curry in a pouch contains an average of 1.3g salt per serving.
Processed fish products are mainly grilled, steamed, or boiled after the fish is made into a paste. The final products can be categorized according to the pasteurizing process. Some of the major processed fish products are shown below.

・Grilled: Chikuwa (tube shaped fish cake), Sasakamaboko (bamboo leaf shaped fish cake), and Datemaki (sweet rolled fish omelette)
・Steamed: Kamaboko (cured surimi), Kanikama (crab sticks), Suji-Kamaboko (gristly fish paste), Sumaki-Kamaboko (rolled cured surimi), fish sausage
Boiled: Hanpen (fish cake), Tsumire (minced fish balls), Naruto (cured fish with swirling pattern)
Deep fried: Age Kamaboko (Deep fried cured surimi), Satsuma age (fried fish cake), Tempura, Tsuke Age (fried fish cake), shrimp tempura, young sardine tempura, Gansu (Vegetables and spices mixed with fish paste and deep fried)

PAL-SALT PROBE, which can be inserted directly into the product, is recommended for measuring salt content of processed fish products.  With  PAL-SALT PROBE,  measuring  the  salt concentration after brining and controlling salt content between different production lots can be easily accomplished.For measuring concentration of pure salt water, PAL-03S or PEN-SW is recommended.

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The Salt Content of Fish Paste Products (Rough guide)

・Satsuma age
・Fish sausage