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Pickled Fish

Examples of fish marinades used in Japan are saikyo-zuke (sweet miso marinade),
miso-zuke (miso marinated), and kasu-zuke (sake lees marinade).

Pickled Fish


The natural sweet taste in saikyo miso comes from sucrose in the malt rice. Compared to other types of miso, saikyo miso contains the least amount of salt. The soy beans used for saikyo miso contain saponin and lecithin which can lower cholesterol and help protect against cardiovascular diseases.


Sake lees is a fermented food full of nutrients, just like miso. There are a variety of lees in which food can be marinated, such as sake lees and mirin lees.
Normally, fishes are salted first regardless of what marinade is used (miso, sweet miso, or lees). To manage the salt brine concentration, PAL-03S or PEN-SW is recommended. These instruments can measure up to 28% pure salt water. For this reason, they are most suitable for customers that are measuring pure salt water. Please contact ATAGO for further details.
We have instruments that measure in specific gravity or the Baume scale, which is the scale commonly used by hydrometers.
For fish marinated in miso or sake lees, PAL-SALT PROBE is recommended. The probe can be directly inserted into the fish, making it easier to measure. This instrument can measure both liquid and solid samples. Testing brine liquid and brined fish is easily accomplished with the PAL-SALT PROBE.
To measure salt content, use the PAL-SALT. For concentration measurements, use the PAL-1.
* Please consult ATAGO about using PAL-1.

Measurement method

PAL-SALT can determine salt concentrations of miso and lees while PAL-1 measures total dissolved solids of these marinades. To measure salt content, the PAL-SALT uses electrical conductivity. When measuring with the conductivity method, dilution is required. Dilution thins out the sample, allowing for a more accurate measurement. A recommended dilution is 10g of sample to 90g of distilled water.


The Salt Content of Pickled Fish (Rough guide)

・Mackerel braised in miso sauce
・Miso marinated Spanish mackerel
・Sea-bass marinated in sake lees